John and Derrick: The Podcast
Show Four 05/04/2012: Back From Hiatus, Burning Assholes, Kenyan Zombies, and Black Ops 2

Taco Tuesday, Old age, House Parties (Parties), Near Apocalypses, Snoop Dogg + RPGs,  Burning Assholes, Kenyan Zombies, Jesse’s Back, We talk “The Avengers” and shitty Marvel films, We take a look at the new Black Ops 2 trailer and way too much more shit to see. It’s John and Derrick, and the hiatus is over. 

For now.   

Show Three 02/21/12: Coke-Slinging Hitchhikers, Rape Train and “Jack City Sucks”

I love how the name of the shows tend to point out all the big things that get discussed. I like that— it’s simple. It keeps descriptive shit like this to a minimum. So yeah, this is John and Derrick. Enjoy if you’d like.

Show Two 02/09/12: Taco Bell, Bacon Shakes, and Goin’ to WORK

Presented only like we know how, this is episode two of the John and Derrick Podcast: The Show That’s Not Creative Enough to Think of a More Original Name. Trust me, we’re trying to think of a shorter and all around catchier subtitle ourselves. This show we cover topics ranging from the city of Manassas to How We’d Like to Die. From strange foods to fucking skyscrapers. From run-ins with the law to Jews and everything in between. We kinda cover all the bases here. Listen, Partake, Enjoy. In that order.

VIDEO: Shit Broke People Say

A short video that we put together with our buddy CJ 

Debut Show 1/24/12: Craigslist, The Grey and Choppa Down